Enabling Brexit without a backstop and Ireland without a border

A bit about ELAND

ELAND is a consortium of border security professionals, haulage industry experts and leading IT specialists to provide the requisite skills for a seamless digital border system. Using digital seals, blockchain records and GPS tracking, the Eland system can automatically engage and update the government customs systems on both sides of a border. This means that goods can be transported to their final destination without border stops and checks.

Today, 177,000 heavy goods vehicles and 208,000 light vans cross the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland every month.* The seamless continuation of that commerce is critical to the UK and Ireland economy and continued security in accordance with the Good Friday Agreement.

ELAND could also be applied to other borders UK-EU borders including the Dover-Calais route that process 10,000 lorries per day.


Meet the Executive Team

Charles le Gallais CBE, ELAND CEO and Founder

Charles had a distinguished career in the British Army with expertise in enabling command and control systems and a deep understanding of the Irish border arrangements. Following his military career, Charles held senior positions in Westland, Finmeccanica and Serco. He is also the founder of a successful information security consultancy, Via Strategia, and has advised governments of the UK and across the Middle East on national resilience and border protection.

Steven McCaffrey, ELAND CTO

Stephen spent 30 years in the financial services technology industry as a programmer and network engineer. He made the jump to technology management becoming a Managing Director for Bank of America and Citigroup for multiple banking technology applications including risk, front-end trading, large scale infrastructure, retail and commercial banking.

Ashley McCulla, Haulage Industry Adviser

Ashley is Chairman of McCulla Ireland. With 40 years’ experience in the industry McCulla is a leading provider of ambient, chilled and frozen logistics in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe. Operating a modern fleet, equipped with tracking and monitoring systems, it is one of the companies that would be most affected by post-BREXIT border controls. Ashley is Chairman of the UK Road Hauliers Association and a member of the Irish Hauliers Association.

Ian Metcalf, ELAND COO

Ian has held senior roles in the UK Ministry of Defence, Serco and BAE Systems. He is the founder of Critical Outcomes Ltd, a company promoting US-UK trade in the security and defence sectors, and of Operational Assurance Ltd, which provides assurance services to the Fire and Rescue sector. He is also Chairman of SII Services UK, providing software engineering resources to telecoms and defence companies.