Enabling Brexit without a backstop and Ireland without a border


ELAND partners with industry leading organisations to provide reliable and ruggedised systems that combine latest technology with proven field deployment. ELAND is also supported by high-profile technologists, haulage experts and politicians from both the UK and Ireland:

“Virtualisation of the border through a sophisticated data tracking system is the answer to how the immediate Irish border issue can be settled. It is also a model for how all borders could one day be managed to accelerate trade and smooth the path of commerce. ELAND has made a smart choice in using proven technology components to build the virtual border system. It will be speed deployment, make it more reliable in use and easier to interface with the HMRC and the Revenue Commissioners IT systems. “

Caroline Carruthers, data leader, author of Amazon Top 1000 “Data Driven Business Transformation”, ex-CDO Network Rail, founder and CEO of Carruthers & Jackson.


"Providing friction-free trading post Brexit is an absolutely priority for the UK, Ireland and the EU. We need a robust and affordable system that can be up and running in months, and one that can interface seamlessly with the British and EU customs systems. ELAND has the proven technology, the detailed implementation plan and the management team that can deliver the solution. Most importantly, they have the support across the freight industry and politicians of all sides"

Tom Burnet, Technology Entrepreneur, Board Director of Accesso Technology Group PLC and Chairman of Inspired Thinking Group and PCMS Group.


"It is good to see the work of the Alternative Arrangements Commission being picked up by private industry and turned into workable solutions at no cost to the taxpayer. I have worked with some of the ELAND team and know they keep their promises. I look forward to their planned demonstration with great interest. In line with the Alternative Arrangements Commission proposals, this could be one of the keys that unlocks the Backstop problem."

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Chairman of All Party Parliamentary Group on International Trade and Member of the Alternative Arrangements Committee


“The Project ELAND initiative is a critically needed technology platform and ecosystem serving the logistics industry that will assist, if not completely solve, the dilemma facing Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, where currently goods and services are traded between the two jurisdictions with few restrictions. The digital border solution will allow the uninterrupted flow of goods through a logistics-based IoT platform that integrates the UK and EU’s customs operations underpinned by a blockchain-based multi-level interface that links government databases with haulage industry standards to create an end-to-end, seamless solution that will prevent bottlenecks at the border where perishable agriculture products and other time sensitive goods cannot afford to be delayed. It is agile, bottom-up and industry-led and should achieve a rapid route-to-market. I highly endorse this initiative and believe it will have a critical impact on the future sustainability of the UK and Republic of Ireland economies as well as broader regional and global benefits.”

Christopher Kirwan, Visiting Professor of Business Informatics, Systems and Accounting , Henley Business School, University of Reading


“As a large fleet operator, frictionless border crossings are a vital part of our operation and we have therefore invested considerable time and effort in ensuring the Project ELAND team have been supported with the hands-on operational experience they will need to work with the haulage community and to implement an efficient, effective solution at speed. We believe the ELAND solution can, and will work to give governments the ability to implement whatever regulatory regime is eventually agreed, whilst ensuring no border infrastructure is required which would impede the flow of goods."

Ashley McCulla, Chairman of the Road Haulage Association and McCulla Transport