Enabling Brexit without a backstop and Ireland without a border


Project ELAND is using a group of industry-standard technologies to build a totally secure freight transit system. The technologies are based on digital locking containers, GPS routing records, automated certification and anti-tampering enforcement with every detail recorded in a blockchain time-series database.

The system operates at three levels of security

  1. Securing the goods to be transported in the blockchain database
  2. Securing the pallet or shipment box
  3. Securing the container or truck trailer to be used to transport the goods

Each level of security is tracked through the blockchain ledger against GPS and time data.

The ELAND user-interface module is designed to easily integrate with a number of governmental systems including the UK “CHIEF” and EU “THYME” customs systems. Data can be pre-provided for clearance in transit and the use of electronic systems ensure that registration of import and export occurs seamlessly through the “digital border” provided by geo-location. This is both almost certainly faster than physical checks and removes the necessity for any return of a hard border on the island of Ireland.

Blockchain enabled data management system

Download the Infographic here: